Ravenport McKnightG Edition v2.0.1.0

Ravenport Map Edited


added more seasons mask to BGA plant

Change log V2.0.0.0

Added seasons support


Change log V1.0.8.1

Fixed water shader

Fixed dust shader

Replaced grass texture with DE maps grass texture


Change log V1.0.6.0

Fixed cow placeable

Changed farm area completely

Added more buildings

Removed fields 25 and 26

Moved field 24

Fixed added mod textures and texture formats

Redone from scratch to fix the water and dust shader. Most of everything is the same other than the farm area which I have redone.

The following mods are built into the map and are not needed:

- FS19_compositeHallPack

By: Niggels - VertexDezign

- FS19_EasyShed2_Pack

By: Nathan6930

- FS19_Placeable_LiquidFertTanks

By: cjwilksy

- FS19_SystemTec_MixMaker

By: FSM-Team

- FS19_Placeable_RefuelStation

By: McKnight Gaming

- FS19_PlaceableBuyingStations

By: McKnight Gaming

- FS19_vehicleWorkshop

By: McKnight Gaming

- FS19_EggPallet

By: McKnight Gaming

- FS19_BaleSpike

By: McKnight Gaming

Please report any problems.


Model: Giants Software

Editing: McKnightG

Other: Niggels, VertexDezign, Nathan6930 and cjwilksy


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