FS19 Dashboard v3.5

What's New v3.5

NEW: Added edit Farm Name to Savegame Editor as per request.

NEW: Added edit modDesc.xml. Edit mod description and mod title. Next update will migrate existing "edit moddesc version" feature and add edit author and mod version.



HighDesert Software Co.




  • wooJAl (Guest)

    2020-12-04 13:29:54

    hi, i am woo from Sweden and i want to explain any thing about "pandemic". Please ask me :)

  • wooJAl (Guest)

    2021-01-18 21:45:00

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    2021-01-18 23:43:14

  • Louisekah (Guest)

    2021-01-19 00:55:10

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  • mitunssaf (Guest)

    2021-01-19 18:25:20

    Ich bin gegen covid 19. Was ist deine Meinung? mituns

  • RobertaDuse (Guest)

    2021-01-19 20:31:43

  • Antoniordl (Guest)

    2021-01-19 23:37:35

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