Oakfield Farm Farming Agency Edition v1.0

The awesome team from The Farming Agency has updated Oakfield to include several extra features, like:

MaizePlus HorseExtension update

Straw Harvest Support

Manure System Support

Seasons Support


This map with extended features will be available only on FS UK Modding, to support the great community. Please visit the dedicated page to get more information on the map, and of course, the download link! Meanwhile, the original version on the ModHub will stay untouched.

We have put in a lot of work, and we hope you will enjoy Oakfield Farming Agency Edition as much as we did creating it. Please reach out to us on the forums for feedback and support. Have fun and happy farming!

Our gratitude goes out to OxygenDavid for the original map. Both are part of the FS UK Modding partner program, as is The Farming Agency! OxygenDavid is also a Farming Agency Musketeer. You can read more on The Farming Agency in their dedicated space.

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