Little Norton Farming Agency Edition v1.0

All animals are built into as placeables

full seasons support with grazing

Custom lighting

Animated objects

This map includes all Farming Simulator 19 features.

Over 50 fields small/medium/large and large forestry areas.

Custom transport missions and field missions.

Please ask before using any of the models and textures that are in this map.

Alfalfa, Clover, Horsegrass, Fieldgrass, Meadowgrass, Miscanthus, Triticale, Rye, Spelt, Onions, Carrots

Grassilage, Maizesilage, Cloversilage, Alfalfasilage

Horsehay and Horsesilage

whole-crop-silage (also in bales and forage wagons)

Grass, Alfalfa and Cloverr have 4 dryingg stages (needs at least 3x tedding) – with and without seasons

FruitDestruction 2.0 – extended realistic fruit destruction

feeding system reworked

changed Sheep Husbandries (added Straw)

changed Chicken Husbandries (added Straw and Water)

Height type-Limit maxed to 128

Economy (Selling prices, Yield, ..) reworked and rebalanced according to realism and logic

Custom Geo Included in the map (do not use any other geos)

Seasons and straw harvest compatible

Added new grass texture

MaizePlus, ForageExtension, CCM-Extension Mods Required. (Horse Ext built-in)

Additional Vehicles and equipment included in the store for the new crops


Credits to Alien Paul (The Farming Agency), Lancyboi, Shy Wizard and Oxygen David, Without them this would not have been possible.



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