John Deere Pack OY MP v19.8

Version 19.8 (mp)

- Increased light range

- Shop category 'onkelyogi' added

The John Deere Pack OY contains all John Deere vehicles and tools with the following additional features:

color selection

Capacity selection (combine harvester)

Nursing tires (optional)

Increased working width and speed (20 km) of all cutting units

Increased transfer rate (5,000 liters / second)

Significantly reduced repair interval

Shortened engine start time (1 second)

engine choice

Included in the John Deere Pack OY are:

2 combines S790 and T560

5 tractors 6M, 6R, 7R, 8R and 8RT

XUV 865M (bonus vehicle)

3 reapers 625X, 645FD and Draper

3 cornsticks 608C, 618C and HS16

3 frontweights PickUp 950, 1150 and 1800

Front loader attachment 643R

Videos are the LetsPlay Yogiport # 3, in which the pack is presented.

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