- Shop images were saved in the wrong format, this has been corrected

- Icon of the Universal Tank Pack renewed

- All trailers now show in the shop what fill types can be used

- Added French translation

- Shop texts adjusted a bit

Universal tank trailer pack with extended features. * NEW * now also with full ManureHoseSystem support

This pack is a new edition of the well-known LSFM universal tank pack.

In the course of time, a lot has been adjusted and expanded, which has so far only been relevant for the Hof Bergmann Map.

Hence the big version jump from to, now this pack is again available as a stand-alone release for everyone.

As already described in the title, the ManureHose system is fully supported. However, this requires that you have the ManureSystemMod

from Wopster in your mod folder.

You can get it here:

ManureHoseSystem Mod from the Giants Modhub

Furthermore, I made a small adjustment to the German language file for the ManureHoseSystem:

The texts are now a little clearer and easier to understand. To do this, you simply have to exchange the language file in the ManureHoseSystem Mod.


Contents of the pack:

- MAN Shuttle + Tank in a bundle

- Tatra Phoenix + tank in a bundle

- LSFM Universal Tank Trailer 7500L

- LSFM Universal Tank Trailer 18000L

- LSFM Semi Tank Trailer 32000L

- Shuttle tank 10000L

- Universal Storage Tank 30000L

- ITRunner Container 15000L

- ITRunner Container Lifter

- IBC universal tank 2000L

- Telehandler hook

- ManureHose (courtesy of Wopster)

- Universal pants (courtesy of Wopster)




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