John Deere 6M Series with 603R front loader v1.0

Extension on the 603R front loader:

Hydraulic lines installed

Simple IC:

1. Left and right door to open

2. Rear window to open

3. Left and right side windows to open

4. Sun protection to open or close

5. Animated steering column

Equipment 6M:

1. Locks animated

2. Front loader console revised

3. Animated ignition key

4. License plate and license plate light installed

5. GPS monitor configured (now only appears if the GPS SYSTEM is purchased)

So that the John Deere 6M can be configured or used with everything, you need the following mods in the folder:

GPS Mod from Wopster:

https: //www.farming-simulator.…od_id=140328&title=fs2019

Simple IC:

Recommended modpack for this:

Stoll Super 1 with Stoll front loaders:

https: //www.farming-simulator.…od_id=121372&title=fs2019


Giants software

LS ZockerStube

Model-safe: Simple IC

Ifko (nator): EAS Script

Bremi456: license plate


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