John Deere Cotton Pickers v0.8

John Deere 2-Row & 4-Row cotton pickers (9920, 9930, 9940, 9950)

Hi guys, I converted and edited these little vintage combines over to FS19, though the mod needs much more detailing! For example the combines have no lights and the helper doesn't work! As I'm not an experienced modder and this is the first time I'm releasing a mod, anyone willing to edit these and release them is free to do so! I'd be happy to see them reach the official Modhub one day.

From Greece with love...

John Deere 9920

Price: 20.000$

Capacity: 6.000lt

Power: 125hp

Rows: 2

John Deere 9930

Price: 30.000$

Capacity: 8.000lt

Power: 175hp

Rows: 2

John Deere 9940

Price: 45.000$

Capacity: 10.000lt

Power: 225hp

Rows: 4

John Deere 9950

Price: 60.000$

Capacity: 12.000lt

Power: 275hp

Rows: 4


Original models (2013): Chrisp267

Conversion and editing in FS19: Greek Farmer



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