Volvo Mining Pack v1.0

FS Miner's Creations!

Hello Miners This time I will present you some mods you can use for mining or farming .

This pack Includes :

Volvo A40G Semi Edition

Fs Miner's Volvo Maxxim 900 Mining Trailer - 67.000L Capacity also have an option to load rocks with fill types.

Volvo 350H Loader Mining Edition - FIx the loder arm movement , Fix Errors - Add new wheels and chains (you can remove them with X key) need some work at the loader second arm.

Fs Miner's Volvo 350H Mining Bucket - Edited Cat 980K Bucket . FIx Errors - Add rock loading option - Add volvo stickers.

Thanks Nonnus for the Volvo A40G Semi Edition and his help !


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I see my mods at other sites and they don't respect the download links....


Maxxim 900 -Bucket -> FS Miner , other mods at modesc



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