Friesenjung Transport Pack v1.1

First of all, you are crazy! My transport pack was loaded about 2900 times in the LS17.

The transport pack for the LS19 has been loaded more than 5000 times since Tuesday. Thanks for that!

But now to the essential: There is an update with a few bug fixes and a new feature.

Fixed bugs:

There could be log entries for missing indexes.

The description of some trucks and trailers was not right.

EAL script brought to the latest version.

The performance of the truck was not displayed correctly in the shop.

The trailer TSDH04 now also raises the support when it is docked.

A few small cosmetic corrections.

New is the AutoLoad support for round cotton bales from the John Deere DLC. I tested it only rudimentarily. It was important to me that you get the bugs fixed first.

Known shortcomings:

Goods loaded with AutoLoad will be unloaded on the bunk when the game is saved.

The hoses (Dynamic Hoses) are not working yet.

If you enable AutoLoad log entries like this can occur:

Error: Running LUA method 'objectCallback'.

C: / Users / Uli Weiss / Documents / My Games / FarmingSimulator2019 / mods_nf-test / FS19_FJ_Transport_Pack / scripts / easyAutoLoader.lua: 417: attempt to call method 'getFillUnitFillType' (a nil value)

This is not a big problem and will not ruin your score. I work with the scripter on a solution.




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