FDR Logging Mods Pack OCTOBER - 2020 v1.0

Latest Mod Update Patch Notes

New Mod - Emerald Coast Map

New Mod - Timberpro Summit Edition

New Mod - Volvo Ecr355e

New Mod - Fixed Clam J

All Mods - Extremely Better Physics Across The Board While Handling And Moving Trees Due To Some New Discoveries

*Note New Larger Trees May Grow Over Areas In Savegames Or Not Show Up At All Until A New Game Is Started*

All Maps - More Trees Added To Lots Of Vacant Sections Of Maps

All Maps - Reintroduction Of Larger Trees On Almost All The Maps, These Have Better Collisions Unlike The Old Ones Did And Are Still Workable With All Machines

All Maps - Tree Phsyics Adjustment Making Them Greatly More Stable When Piling Or Loading, Less Bouncing Around

All Maps - New Ring Bark Texture (Butts And Tops Of Logs Look Way More Realistic Instead Of Just Solid Wood Texture With No Ring) 

Fortitude Map - Fixed The Tree Type That Had Weird Oval Shape For Diametetr Due To An Editing Error (Also Replanted More Of These On The Map)

All Grapples - Removed Spring System As The New Trees Do Not Need It (This Does Not Include The Spring Support System On The Buncher Heads For Stability)

All Grapples - Adjustments To Weight And Physics To Give Better Log Control And Stability

All Sticks/Booms - Adjusted To More Realistic Response Time, Less Delay On Controls Stopping After Moving Them, Slightly Faster Swing And Rotate Speeds

All Dangle Grapples - Made Them So They Have More Free Swing Back And Forth So They Dont Have The "Floaty" Feeling While Swinging

All Procesor Heads - Greatly Improved Friction On Manual Rollers, Holds Log Better Less Slip When Logs Are Hung Up

All Procesor Heads - Added Length Number Visual To Top Of Each Processor Attach Point

All Procesor Heads - Re-added Ability To Cut Any Length From 1-20

All Procesor Heads - Slowed Saw Cut Speed To More Realistic Speed

All Procesor Heads - Re-added Delimb On Cut Function, This Will Stop Any Extra Floating Limbs From Appearing After Doing Your Length Cuts

All Procesor Heads - New Processor Cut And Roller Arms Sound Effects (Easy On Ears Asmr)

All Buncher Heads  - Buncher Plow Now Built Into Heads No Longer Needing To Be Attached

(When Entering The Machine Hit The Keys "V" - "Y" - "B" For Lowering, Allowing Feilds

And Starting The Head, Ground Will Only Plow When The Buncher Head Is Turned On And Blade Is Spinning) 

All Buncher Heads  - Slowed Down Buncher Cut Time, This Removes The Warped Ugly Ends That The Bunchers Would Create On The Buts Of Fallen Logs (But Warping Can Still Happen If Blade Is Held Over Log For Too Long)

All Buncher Heads  - Main Claw Now Closes Slightly Slower Which Stops Accidently Closing To Fast And Shooting Trees Away While Collecting

All Buncher Heads  - Total Rework Of Body Colisions, Stumps Now Remain Behind On The Ground After Cuts + Smoother Grabs And Less Stump Hangups When Pushing Head

All Buncher Heads  - New Buncher Cut Sound Effect

All Plows + Buncher Heads - Now Have The "Culitvated" Ground Texture Instead Of The Gridded Plow Texture When Marking The Ground

All Skidders - Increased Response Time On Head Rotation, Less Floaty Give Feeling When Turning The Grapple

All Skidders - Improved Grapples Better Holding And Better Locking Strap Hold Down When Dragging

All Skidders - Fixed Issue Where Tires Would Shoot Way Below Axle Suspension Height And Pop Out Off Axels At Certain Angles + Overall Suspension Hardening For Less Bounce

All Log Trailers - New Detailed Worn Trailer Textures (Less Cartoony)

All Log Trailers - Fixed Trailer Side Sliding Issue When Loading On Hills Or Incines

All Log Trailers - Increased Weight To Match Same Weight As In Game Trailers, Better Stability Less Bouncy When Both Empty And Full

Dozer Plow Blade - Fixed Back Of Blade Arms Having Missing See Through End Caps

Jd437e - Now Has The Resized Recolored E-50 Grapple Instead Of Old Clam (Popular Request As Its More Similar To Real Grapple Type)

Slasher - Fixed Issue With Lua Conflicts Showing Up In The Console When Used With A Few Other 3rd Party Script Mods

Woodchipper - Fixed Issue Where Newer Log Types Wouldn't Get Grinded Up (Would Just Flip Up And Shoot Out Of The Chipper Making It Un-useable)

Discontinued - Medium Trailer




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