BDM Autoload Pack Hof Bergmann v2.0


- Configuration (general configuration)

- Default

- Autoload (Autoload only on platform)

- Easy Autoload (autoload on platform and next to platform)

- Tank (liquids can be transported)

- HVAC (HVAC function)

- HKL configuration (HKL structure) (only MAN TGX 18.400, tandem 2 axis and BDF 2 axis)

- Tank configuration (tank structure)

- IC function for the MAN interiors

- Ambient lighting configuration

- All MAN models have tire configurations

- Lizard

- Michelin

- Trelleborg

- Nokian

- A rim color configuration has been added to all MAN models

- All MAN models have a coupling ball configuration

- Warning sign configuration.

- The following loading functions have been added: Lettuce seedlings


- Driving behavior has been improved (trucks no longer tip over in every curve)

- Changed lap belt position (no longer looking through the side walls)

- Connected devices display fixed

- IC control points for tarpaulin have been deactivated for structures without tarpaulin

- Fixed a problem that you cannot refuel.

- Revised the collision in the HVAC structure. (The truck drives normally again with the HVAC assembly)

- Warning and errors have been fixed.

- Fixed side protection on the trailer.




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