Ultimate Logging Map v1.0

This is a remake of 3 Rivers Logging map orginially made by BeardShot Gaming. I went in and completely redesigned the terrian and forest! This map allows for plantation cutting, thinning, clearcutting, mountain cutting, and just all in general cutting. It is a excellent map for some amazing screenshots also! Please check out my fb gam3rdesigns for more updates and info.


BeardShot Gaming (Original Map Creator)

RGC Honor Realist (Advice)

RGC Discord (Beta Testing)

Mike LeBlanc (Trees and Advice)

BillyBob aKa Mrtbone (Advice)

FDR (Some Trees)



  • megaman31 (Guest)

    2020-11-27 01:03:14

    how do you sell the logs at the sawmill?

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