The Old Farm Countryside v1.1

The Old Farm Countryside - PC / Mac Version 1.1

FS19 The Old Farm Countryside

Changes and bug fixes for version 1.0

- Now you can store the food for pigs in the farm silo.

- Added 3 points of purchase of Cal in different points of sale.

- Fixed and adjusted the navigation mesh of the chickens. Before even if you did not see them, they fulfilled their function, although from the sky !!

- Adjusted the navigation mesh of the cows. Being located in irregular terrain there were places where cows floated in the air, now it seems that no. (Pending confirmation)

- Lamps and spotlights with automatic night lighting have been added to the different animal farms.

- Now the lamps and lights of the Main Farm are lit at night, before they were just decoration.

- Various decorative objects have been set in the ground.

- Added to the table of prices: Food for pigs, seeds, solid fertilizer and lime, we can see the amount we have stored, but can not be sold !!
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Note: It will be appreciated if you report any error you find on the map, in this same post. Respect the original download link please.
I hope it is to your liking and enjoy it, Regards. @ShabaFS

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