Eicher Messerbalken v1.1

A knife bar for the Eicher EM300 Bengal Tiger.


-Fixed completely should now work for everyone;) And very important again read the description of how to operate the cutter bar!

Manufacturer: Eicher

Model: cutter bar

Price: 1100 €

Top speed: 10km / h

Suitable for: Eicher EM300 King Tiger

This knife bar belongs to the mod "Eicher EM300 King Tiger" which can be found here: Eicher EM300 King Tiger

How the cutter bar works:

- With the "left mouse button" pressed you can move the cutter bar up and down.

-Use the "V" key to unfold it.

- You can fold it in with the "X" key.

- You can switch it on and off with the "B" key.

Please hang up the cutter bar in the raised state, otherwise you have to reset it!

Thanks to Polofreak211 for sharing

Thanks to privatprivat for revising the knife bar :)

But now have fun with the knife bar! :);)

The mod (Eicher knife bar) may only be distributed with original DL-Link!


Polofreak211, privatprivat, MrStier


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