Wheel Loader Road Pack v1.0

FS MIner's Creations

Upgrade to my previous mods for wheel loader.

Fix all errors

Fix textures

Add all tools at one mod file

Add new roller

The Pack Includes :

Wheel Loader Leveler Blade

Wheel Loader Compactor Roller v1

Wheel Loader Compactor Roller v2

Wheel Loader Plow - Screen Blade

To Work The Wheel Loader Plow - Screen Blade you MUST use the W190 plow edition I give for download here : https://youtu.be/b0d1X4acS74

All the implements have foldable crane attacher and tension belt support

Visit My Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZMiXyCoP_vqMgYxv5aBvKw

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FS Miner


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