Food 'N' Fertilizer Shop v1.5

Here you can buy fertilizer of any kind (Manure and slurry excluded), seeds and food for all your animals.

The delivery costs are +10% on current price.

It's fitted with Automatic Lighting.

Price: 25.000€

Size: 21 x 11 Meters

-The Building supports "Seasons" and "Courseplay Six".


- Initial Realease.


- Added L10N functions and name so it's more understandable for all people, this was prevoisly just in english.

- Updated the mod with more languages.

- Created new Decal textures & added shaders to the building

- Added node for Interactive Zone Markers (Warningstripes can now be turned on and off)

- Created "Seasons" mask support


Castiga / EDGE Gaming


Download Links

Direct Download (9.17 MB)

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