Fertilizer And Liquidfertilizer Production v1.0.1

Fertilizer production.

Changelog Version

- Improved folder structure

- New category added for better overview

- Improved appearance of the manure cover

This mod offers 3 production routes. 1. Easy Fertilizer: Produced from fermentation residues fertilizer 2. Fertilizer production: Produced from manure and slurry fertilizer 3. Liquid fertilizer production: Produced from water and fertilizer liquid fertilizer.

Diesel is required for production.

Construction costs: 100000 €, daily costs: 100 €, capacity input: diesel, water, digestate, slurry, fertilizer 100000l / output fertilizer 72000l, liquid fertilizer 70000l

Production rate:

Easy Fertilizer -> 1000l fermentation residue + 10l diesel = 250l fertilizer

Fertilizer production -> 500l manure + 500l slurry + 10l diesel = 750l fertilizer

Liquid fertilizer production -> 750l water + 250l fertilizer + 10l diesel = 1000l liquid fertilizer

Some buildings are courtesy of Lunchbox.

Information: Mod only playable in conjunction with GlobalCompany!





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