John Deere 8820 Turbo v1.0

I grew up with the harvest with the 8820 and helped to keep this mod running along with the FS versions. I like farming with older equipment and this brings FS19 to a nice entry-level forage harvester so you can slowly build your yard with limited resources. This has become a major refurbishment rather than a direct conversion.

If you enjoy the 8820, you can follow my other work and stay up to date by subscribing to my Youtube channel.

Have fun harvesting the 80s, FarmSimSteve


Contains: JD 8820, JD 925 & 643 headers and custom trailer

Also works with 603C 8-row FS19 in the game head for duals

Updated model with UDIM materials outside and inside

New 8820 Turbo and John Deere Decals

Old School 1980 rear tire rims, Michelin tires

Wheel selection (wide or double, rear wheel, rear rib)

Shadowbox cabin, character Ik placement with foot braking

Animated cabin RPM and fuel gauge

Updated sounds

working lights

New turn signals inside and out

Foliage bending at 8820, head pieces and pendants

working mirrors

Animated 925 head cylinders & teeth

643 corn header work

Harvester and header smoke effects

Dirty and portable

Delete log


FS19 Conversion: FarmSimSteve

FS17 Conversion: Ross W, FarmSimSteve

FS15 Conversion: fs2kmodding



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