AGCO IDEAL9 Forage Harvester + Cutter v1.0

This pack consists of one Forage harvester and a Forage harvester cutter.

-IDEAL Forage ( Forage Harvester )

Price: 265.000€

Power: 947

Speed: 140 KM/H

Capacity:1 Million

Category: Forage Harvesters

-Multifruit DynaFlex 9255 Forage ( ForageHarvester Cutter )

Price: 35.000€

Working Width: 12m

Working Speed: 30 KM/H

Category: ForageHarvester Cutters

It can Harvest:


WHEAT (convert to CHAFF)

BARLEY (convert to CHAFF)

OAT (convert to CHAFF)

CANOLA (convert to CHAFF)

SOYBEAN (convert to CHAFF)

POPLAR (convert to Woodchips)

MAIZE (convert to CHAFF)

GRASS (convert to CHAFF)



JCB Modding



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