New Holland Forage Cruiser Series US/EU v1.0

New Holland Forage Cruiser Series, U.S./EU Spec. West Hills Tractor Edition.

! If you're new to the page this was the one I had summitted to Giants and they rejected it after I fixed everything they told me to fix. Huge shoutout to Adub Modding for all your help!


Opening door.

Body Color Options.

Lightbar Options.

Rim Color Options

New Store Icon and Image.

US and European warning signs.

Trailer Attatcher Joint for pulling forage trailers.

Single, Dual, and Tracked Wheel Options. LSW, Michelin, Mitas, and Trelleborg tire options.

Added a second inoculant tank to the hood.

New Textures on the exhaust pipe.

Dealer Decal on the body provided by West Hills Tractor In Jonesborough Tennessee. Local Case New Holland dealer to me.

Credits: Whiskey Sierra Modding, Adub Modding, Custom for the LSW's.

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Whiskey Sierra Modding, Adub Modding


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