Nuhn Magnum spreaders v1.2

First of all a huge thanks to Fraser Cow and conv.Niknab for getting the 5000 and the 10000 versions into the game  and a big thanks to Perma's Modding for adding the manure system support to these you can fill normally or use the hose just attach it at the top of the big square hole in top of the tank. You only have to fill the front tank on the 10000 with the hose as it will not attach on the rear tank. we can only have the one attacher to attach the hose but it works.

I have gone through these and fixed all the weights as well as the center of gravity on each one.

Fixed all the wheel issues with the restloads and the force points.

Corrected the fill amounts to the real fill amounts for each.

Corrected the spray working width to the real 60ft/18.2Meters

Updated all the textures and added wear.

Made a new Magnum 4000 for the smaller farms.

BIG thanks to Perma's Modding for adding in the manure system support. You will most likely need 2 hoses to reach the top of the tanks maybe even 3 depending how far away you parked.

Enjoy the mod everyone.


original 5000/10000 by Fraser Cow,conv.Niknab

Edit by Aj Bentley

MS Support by Perma's Modding


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