Mercedes Trailer FS19 v1.1

- Price:8500€;

- Select color;

- Working lighting;.

- Good physics

- Quality appearance

- autoload for roundBales, squarebales and squarecotton bales

- missionPallets,eggBoxes

-standard pallets

-Now supports Eggs autoload pallets

-Boads Pallets

for pallets to fit on the trailer select the category that corresponds to the type of pallets on the z key

Here are the most used keyboard shortcuts:

Z = Toggle between the available products to load.

U = Autoload on or off.

Y = Unloads stuff.

B = Toggles between the unloading positions (guided by a marker.Flexible Unload Marker

Note that the car is found in the SHOP/Vehicle/EdwardsModding/category.


Uploading again on other websites is not desired.

My approval is required for the reproduction and / or modification of the models for the purpose of republishing.

Have fun with it!


Edward`s Modding


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