Clayton Mobile Home v1.0

Clayton Mobile Home - Sundowner

Previous Mod credits go to: DocElyoc, Unlimited Modding, Rambow145

Converted and remastered for FS19 by Mike Honcho Productions llc.

Now you can have your very own SingleWide Mobile Home.

2 versions to choose from with a total of 4 different colors

Side skirting, Air Conditioning, Stairs, and Porch can be installed by pressing the "N" key

After you have hauled it to the trailer park, or prepared spot on your map.

All installed addtions are phantom, which means you will walk through them.

Build the Trailer Park of your dreams, you can search other mods that will let you use this as a farmhouse ex. Beech chairs.


DocElyoc, Unlimited Modding, Rambow145, Mike Honcho Productions llc.


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