[FBM team] Reisch RD 130 u. RD 150 / RD 150 A 3-way tipper v1.0

Reisch RD130 u. RD150 / RD150 A 3-way tipper

Three tippers in the shop / RD130, RD150 and RD150 A

Different tires can be selected

New decals created

Optionally with and without fenders

Rims color choice

Selectable tarpaulin and available in three colors

Admission to the district office takes place directly through the pillepalle shop

Capacity: Reisch RD130 / 13000 liters, Reisch RD150 / 15000 liters, Reisch RD150-A / 16500 liters

Price: Reisch RD130 / 14700 € - Reisch RD150 / 18300 € - Reisch RD150-A / 19400 € plus painting, conversion and transport costs


! NO brochure realism!

! Pendants do NOT correspond 100% to the original model!

Special thanks for the permission goes to Kasztan18 (Giants-Modhub).


Publisher: Forbidden-Mods.de

Project implementation: Dani-86, Butters

Other contributors: Bremi456, Paddel, Hunter4987, Agromike

Model: Zasław Kipper / Kasztan18

BKT tires: Speedy77 / JD7530-Chris

Lizard Radial Rotation: BM Modding

Images: Lukas2002 and Flowrider86

Tester: FBM team


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