Zetor ZTS 16245 v1.0

Hello! I present to you my Zetor ZTS 16245 for FS 2019.

Mod has many animations, configurations and not has errors in LOG

Have fun!


- Power: 160hp

- Price: 18 000 €

- Max Speed: 33 km/h

- Washable

- Simple IC Animations (doors, windows, roof hatch etc.)

- Fl Console konfig

- Beacons lights config

- Suspended seat

- Movable front axle

- Animation the pedals and the gear lever in the cabin

- Black exhaust smoke (when engine is under load)

- Dynamic hoses

- Choice between stadard version, version with front weights or version with front hitch

- Wheels config

- Working dashboard gauges for rpm, water temperature, oil pressure, air pressure and fuel

- Dashboard illumination

- Animated cardan shaft, half-axles in the front axle

- Animated radiator fan and other engine parts

- Many other functions...

* LOG is clean

* Please keep only my download link! / Don't reupload on other hosts!


Thumder, Radichkov



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