Massey Ferguson 5600 with SIC v1.0

Massey Ferguson 5600 with SIC

Functions via SIC:

1. Right and left door can be opened

2. Rear window to open

3. Armrest to fold up or down

4. The small windows on the left and right can be opened

5. Sunroof to open

6. The front fenders to show and hide

All the levers on the windows are animated

Configurations and extensions:

1. Added Aloe front loader console

2. Hauer console added

3. GPS system configurable in 3 variants

4. License plate installed with license plate lighting

5. The MF has received the complete set of Valtra G-series tires

6. Rotating beacons to configure

7. Agribumper configurable and adapted to the new tires

8. N-sensor configurable

9. Color choice between original MF red or MF green

10. Front loader consoles can be adjusted in color

11. New engine sound

12. Added EAS script for SIC

13. The Stoll FZ30 front loader is also included in the pack with the corresponding color choices for the front loader consoles

GPS Mod from Wopster:

https: //www.farming-simulator.…od_id=140328&title=fs2019

Simple IC:


https: //www.farming-simulator.…od_id=131601&title=fs2019

Matching front loader:

Alö front loaders Trima and Quicke:

https: //www.farming-simulator.…od_id=129390&title=fs2019


Giants software

Mach1 - Andy from the country eggs

LS ZockerStube

GPS system: Cayman 718

EAS Script: Ifko (nator)

Aloe console: puma

Registration: Bremi456

Simple IC: model-savvy

NSensor: Gamer 8250


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