International 86 series v2.0

READ ALL! stupid questions that have the answer in this post will be met with stupid answers thats your warning! We put a LOT of time and hard work into making this happen for you all so please take the time to read about everything we have done.

First of all thanks to Oldiron1214 for making this mod in FS17 and making it public for us all

Second THANKS to Brian Holtz for converting this mod to fs19 and again making it public for us all. If it wasn't for them I wouldn't have been able to make this pack possible.

whats been changed /added


changed shaders/gloss maps

removed led light bar

cb and cb whips removed

driver hands and feet location and positions have been fixed

fixed motor hp in all options it was lower then it should have been it is now corrected

fixed the RedPower decal

2wd rear wheel wobble has been fixed

hitch issue that the 66 had was found in this as well and also fixed

lights now cast shadows and are not blinding led white light now more old school color on the real light

3 point quick hitch option has been removed it was causing to many problems and tossing an error so its been removed in its place is a tank option it is NOT functioning at this time. if you know a way to make it function feel free to make it so as long as you re share the work. Thanks

Fixed led light bar spawning issue.


Texture issue with the tanks has been found and fixed.


front loader

electrical connection

4 hydraulic hose hookups

front weights and options for front weights

re positioned rear duels (they are not a row crop tire they don't need to be in a row crop set up)

added rear wheel options for hub and weights

added exhaust options

added foliage bending

made all new turbo decal

added option of RedPower or Tri stripe design for all models from 886 to 1586

New store pics

new prices a bit more realistic

new sounds

Weight fixed on 4wd version

rear wheel weight and front weights now actually add weight and are not just for looks any more

NEW textures new rubber tires rear tire collisions chem tank collisions WORKING chem tanks

working animated interior THANKS to scooters workbench

NEW animations enter left door open / close 4WD front driveshaft



front loader and bucket controls

instrument panels

digital display

dash lights

window wipers

brake pedals

mod has been renamed as a 2nd version so the old pack that was done by Brian Holtz will still be in your game.

Thanks to everyone that takes the time to read about my work I have done. with having learning disabilities and a memory loss problem cause me to have to re learn everything everyday for months before it sticks. this is very hard for me to do but I don't give up easy and I will beat my head off the wall for days and weeks searching for ways to do something or trying things at random to try and figure out a problem before I ask for help.

As always I believe this great community will only get better if everyone is willing to share their work and help out others that are new or trying to learn to do this themselves. The more people we have that help each other out and share their great work the better this game will be for all so like always all my work will always be shared with all you. even if it not the best out there. someone else might be able to make it better and re share it again.

thanks again to all that took to the time to read this. AND HUGE TNANKS to Scott at Scooters workbench for all the help with these mods.

Now ENJOY this great mod edit. and if you make any improvements or any new mod edits of this mod that make it into something else please keep it public just as we have done. so the community keeps growing. Because i know this will be shared to other mod sites please keep this description with this mod thank you.


Oldiron1214, brian holtz, Scooters Workbench, AJ bentley



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