Tip Side HUD v1.0.4

This mod adds a new HUD which shows the tip side of the currently selected implement/trailer. This enables you to hide the help menu, while still

be able to see the currently selected tip side.

Changelog: Fixed - If the main vehicle (e.g. a truck) as well as it's trailer had a tipping functionality, the TipSideHud wasn't shown for the trailer, just for the truck Fixed - LUA Errors when entering a crane Fixed - Lua Errors when riding a horse; Renamed store.dds in icon.dds to be better aligned with the standard layout Removed Tab-Space in description to comply with ModHub requirements; Load-Info will just be shown when Debug is on

With the right control key and T (RCtrl + T) you can open the configuration menu. Please keep in mind that you can open the configuration menu only when

a tipper/implement which supports multiple tip sides is currently selected (aka: You can already see the tip side HUD)

Configuration options:

- Position

- Color

- Iconset

- Show/hide the description of the tip side next to the icon

- Icon/Text scaling from 0.5 to 1.5 times

The key bindings for the config menu are just visible when it's open. By default the following keybindings are used:

- Key up -> Menu up

- Key down -> Menu down

- Space -> Change menu option

These settings get saved per savegame. In Singleplayer this config file is located at:


In Multiplayer the following save location is used for the client & server:





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