Woodchips Trailer and Placeable Truck Dumper v1.0

Brand: PJ Trailers.

Credits: Expendables Modding, Derek Champlin, and Peter Evans.

Category: Forestry Equipment.

Base price: 80,000.

Capacity: 40,000 liters.

Accepted: Woodchips.

Tip options: Through rear door together with the truck dumper.

Selectable colors: Yes.

Selectable wheels: No.

Extra rear hitch: No.

Errors: No.

Platforms: PC and Mac.

And this is what you should know about the truck dumper:

Original Mod Name: Selling Station 2.

Credits: ATS, Ryan Villanueva, MP, Expendables Modding.

Category: Placeables | Miscellaneous.

Base price: 8,000.

Predefined ground: Asphalt.

Errors: No.

Platforms: PC and Mac.

Youtube: click_here

Note: Je ne suis pas un créateur de mods juste mis des mods d'autres personnes, avant de laisser un sms pour critiquer consulter les crédits du mod. Merci

eu nao sou criador de mods apenas posto mods de outras pessoas , antes de deixarem uma sms a criticar consultem os creditos do mod. obrigad

Note: I am not a creator of mods just put mods of other people, before leaving a sms to criticize consult the credits of the mod. thank you.


FS 19 addons showcase: The chip trailer and placeable truck dumper made available by Expendables Modding.



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