Pig Feed Mixer GX-10 By Kastor INC. v1.0

Now the Pig Feed Mixer GX-10 is also at your dealer.

This small, compact plant can be used to produce food for the pigs in a short time.

The mix does it, they tune their pig feed individually. (* Info to find under data)

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Technical specifications:

Price: 125000 €

Maintenance: 10 € / day

Production per hour: 10000L

Input meng per silo: 100000L

Output quantity: 100000L

Main components:

Silo 1: cereals (barley, wheat, oats)

Silo 2: individual supplements (corn, potatoes, beets)

Silo 3: proteins (soybeans, sunflowers)

#I have opted for this variant, since pig feed is like everything a science in itself. The main component, however, is always grain and soya, then the composition varies depending on the use of the feed (fattening, rearing, dams, etc.).

But I think that it should be ok for the most part #


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