Pferdestall OY MP v19.6

Yogibrunn is a modified Felsbrunn map with generous open spaces for courtyards and modified buildings.

Version HOTFIX Stable 19.6 [mp]

- Now you can start ridden horses again and can groat them.

- Only the LS19 Stable OY zip contained in the mods folder has to be overwritten.

- NO new game has to be started

The rar file must be unpacked and contains mod files, all of which must be inserted into the mods folder, as there are other, modified buildings in addition to the map.

Under Videos you will find the map presentation as well as the LetsPlay Yogibrunn # 8, in which the changes of the 19.5 update are presented. For the version 19.5 a new score must be started.

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