FreilandSilo Plazierbar v1.1

I present you here another mod in the LS19.

Version 1.1

The silo can now sell.

This time a Placeable Free Range Silo.

The problem with selling has been fixed. To sell the silo you just have to press a post. The posts also serve as a makierung how big the silo is.

The posts are not mine. The posts are from Gnork B'yoink.

If there are errors, just write me or report the error on our Ts! (


I just removed the silo walls and removed the collision.

The silo works 100% and is suitable for multiplayer.

Currently there are no markings, I will insert with the nagt update!

I wish you much fun with the silo!


Gnork B'yoink


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Direct Download (1.56 MB)

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