Westby Wisconsin Revised v2.0

As promised, I am releasing Westby Revised, an updated version on the map that withholds much more playability than the original version. Things that have been added or changed follows:

-new roads

-new trees and foliage

-various farm implements

-added a foliage folder

-new fields

-new sell point

-added corn and bean stalk bales

-added a cow pasture to the south west farm

-new lighting

-added more vehicle repair triggers

-various environment details

-added gates and more doors

-seasons ready

-updated PDA

-updated multi terrain angle

-added bunker silo to south west farm

-updated south west farm layout for more storage

It has been a pleasure making this map just a year ago and I am so joyous to be able to show my work to you all. I hope everyone can spend many hours on this map in enjoyment, as I have been able to. Merry Christmas!


Tired Iron Modding

MB Farms

Ross W.

All other original authors of buildings and objects


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