Upper Mississippi River Valley (UMRV) Version 2.0

This is Upper Mississippi River Valley from FS17 (by DR Modding) converted by Antler22 to FS19.

All modifications are done by DJ Modding. facebook.com/DjModding571/ .Released with permission from DR Modding.

All the credit goes to DR Modding and team for creating the map. Credit goes to Antler22 for taking up the conversion to FS19.

I took my time to edit the version 1.0 and added some changes to it. I will continue editing this based on the feedback.All the future plans & development work I will post to my Facebook page


Verison 2.0 Changes, Author: DJ Modding:

Custom Animal husbandry in farms (cow, pig, sheep, hen)

New houses in farms with sleep triggers

New Farm Sheds with animations

Dirt textures across the farms

Traffic across the map

Parked cars across the map

Pedestrians across the map

Working Train across the map

Completely new road textures for existing ones

Added New Roads across map

New telegraph pole across roads

Power Line across fields

River bank with new textures

Replace single lane bridge with dual lane

Add new bridges/intersections

Transport Mission are now added/custom

New trees to fill in missing parts

Replace Borders across map with Trees

Replace entire map with grass texture

Redo grass,shrubs,flowers

Remove unused crops

Modify textures of current crops, to reduce lag

Realign the farmlands using script

Remap the fields for accuracy using scripts

...and many bug fixes

Version 1.3 Changes, Author: DJ Modding:

Added additional 10 sell points which includes selling of grains, rootcrops, eggs, cotton, wool, milk, sugar, wood, wood chips.

Added 9 new farmlands, 49 to 57 in Prairie.

Completely modified both the cities with FS19 objects.

Added bariers across the borders of the map.

Replaced fs17 flags with fs19 flags with animations.

Lowered the bunge grain sell point for american trailers to work without getting struck.

Added/Updated houses in the view points across two states.

Replaced all the houses in both downtowns

Removed the trees which caused shader problems with seasons, replaced them with seasons supported trees.

Added Sawmill and new trees for logging in Prairie.

Minor clean up to farms, added new bushes and schrubs

Added billboards on highways and new warning boards.

Added streetlights across both the cities.  

List of new sell points added:


1.Bunge Grain

2.Iowa Dairy

3.Mississippi Grain

3.Pioneer Grain

4.McGregor Enterprise

5.SunCor Ethanol

Prairie du Chein,Wisconsin

1.Gavilon Grain LLC

2.River Valley Mill

3.River Valley Railyard

4.Domino Sugar


6.Prairie Grain

7.Spencreek Marketplace

8.River Valley Spinnery

9.Aldi Marketplace

10.Wisconsin Dairy

11.Millers Feedyard

Version 1.2, 1.1, Author: DJ Modding


Added new foliage across the map (Still some work need to be done on the opposite side of Iowa)

Updated the car dealership and added repair trigger (functional)

Added the animal dealer trigger (functional)

Added new houses in the main city

Added new sell point for grains and milk as well.

Version 1.0, Author: DR Modding and team (FS17)Conversion:  Antler22

Map Features


Seasons ready with snowmask

Seasonal textures

Added crops (Wet corn, alfalfa, milo, rice)

Alfalfa that re-grows multiple times per season

Proper crop destruction for wheat, barley, canola, corn, etc.  

Multi-terrain angle

Working sellpoints

Working door/gate animations using original FS17 buildings

Field dimensions added (aka, missions!)

Trees in the forests thinned out to help improve FPS

Added sellpoint for chaff, for those that don't want to mess with making silage like me.  Custom harvest your maize/corn and sell it right away!

Map runs good, but some foliage textures can work your computer.  If you get poor FPS because of the crop textures, copy your base-game foliage folder to the map folder and it should improve.

Crops info:

Wet corn:  for combining.  Must go through "dryer" to convert to regular corn to sell.  Dryer is included in pack and on Nexus.

"Maize" is the standard ingame corn.  This is textured to represent forage corn for silage, will stay green at harvest and yields well through a silage harvester.

Alfalfa:   leaves a "grass" windrow so that it dries using seasons.  However, use it, because it yields higher than regular grass!

credits for the objects: Saharov, FA285634, Fatian and TSM, Nismo, Gaints Software, DR Modding and team.

credits for sleeping trigger for homes, fixing errors, and more - Brian Holtz

credit for street signs - Kevin Lee Price

credits for testing - Andrew Ganow, Anthony Underwood, Austin Funke, Brad McClure, Brandon Filsinger, Brian Holtz, Cody Henderson, Josh Harper, Lane Huff, Mason Mizer, Rick Heming, Travis Burden


DJ Modding



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