Swap Agro REMASTERED v1.0

This is a reworked map of the famous Swap agro 2.8.0, which is long overdue to breathe fresh air. What has been changed in the version of Swap agro Remaster for Farming Simulator 2019:

- Signs and inscriptions. The text became more pleasant to read,

- The minimap has been completed and worked out. It has now become more qualitative.

- The loading image has become more cheerful and high-quality,

- Redrawn textures on branded tanks,

- Redrawn some pallets,

- Redrawn all banners before productions to more stylish ones,

- Redrawn advertising banners on the road,

- Redrawn Department Store,

- Completed individual entrepreneur stores.

All rights to the map belong to their authors.

Provided By Kir.





  • 2020-05-06 10:02:59

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