Skrzyszow Map v1.1

Welcome to Skrzyszów! It is a small village located in Poland. The area on the map is diverse and rich in forests, roads, gorges and fields.

The surrounding area has been transferred to a virtual world, and the map itself contains:

- 66 fields and many meadows

- 86 farmlands

- new lighting

- MP support with multiple farms to start

- altered soil texture

- new textures for hay and straw bales

- 5 playable farms (cows, pigs, chickens, sheep, horses)

- 3 plots for the construction of own farms


- varied terrain

- many forests

- ambient sounds

- 7 NEW CROPS! (alfalfa, clover, field grass, rye, triticale, carrots and onions)

- pleasant climate

- Seasons ready

- MaizePlus ready (recommended for an improved animal feeding system)

I wish you a nice game!

Changelog v1.0.1.0

- map background changed

- tree rendering distance decreased (optimization)

- fixed infinite save game bug

- minor terrain and object fixes

Changelog v1.1.0.0

- optimization

- changed conifer textures

- missing crop prices at collection points have been added

- improved crop prices

- NPC names changed (to Polish)

- farmlands price changed

- changed number of machines and farmlands at the start of the game

- new fields and farmlands

- reworked lighting

- 2 new crops (rye and triticale)

- new type of texture painting (pavement and bushes)

- 5 created farms per MP and assigned buildings have been added, which will facilitate the multiplayer game!

New save game required.

Additional required modifications are used on the map, so I recommend you download them from the links below.

For the correct operation of additional crops, be sure to download the "Maize Plus Extension" modification.

Required Mods:

- Chicken Coop (By: n0tr3adY)

- Barn (By: Danielx321)

- Sheep Pasture Large (By: raulycristi1)

- Modern Barn (By: Danielx321)

- Cows Barn Old (By: Svitch)

- Hayloft (By: svitch)

- Workshop (By: Kamilos0397)

- Silage Silos (By: Danielx321)

- Small Pigsty (By: Krasek)

- MaizePlus Forage Extension (By: The-Alien-Paul and Modelleicher)

- Machine Building (By: Danielx321)




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