R.D.C. FS19 v1.1



-Changed a couple of textures, in the main farm and in the village.

-Updated pda.

-Changed the bunker and added new bunkers to the main farm.

-Removed the Mods bunkers of modified giants for silage alfalfa.

-Small change in the point of sale of the nursery.

-Increased the price of transporting animals to the stables.

-Added information in the factories and modification of it.

-Added and restructured the amber lights of the tunnel.

-Added icons to the orchards and field fields to move quickly.

-Added sale of poplar bales in the Serreria.

-Re-built and reviewed several objects for better visualization.

-Now you can buy or sell animal stables.

-Re-structuring of the mods in the store categories.

-Re-structured alfalfa and rye crops.

-Changed the grass and shrubs of the entire main farm and several purchase lands to modify to your liking.

-Modified grass / grass original crop, color and increased forage production.

-Fixed the connection with the mod shovel stoll.

-Arrangements in animal feed and changes.

-Fixed small error that made the pigs stay locked in the stable and small modification.

-Fixed the error that made it not seen in the harvesters, the unloading of the grain of the new crops in the hopper.

-Retouched the sounds of storm and real rain, of the owl and the howl of the wolf. "Keep the cattle well at night."

-Foods and salt can no longer be thrown to the ground, except for the chicken feed.

-Refining the liters per second, now 1l, when recharging the vehicles in the fuel tank.

-Some land of purchase has been enlarged and a land of purchase added.

-Now in the water of the reservoir and rivers you do not sink, it seems that you swim.

-Touching in the rest of the map and in prices.

-Repair in particles.




-Not compatible with Seasons.

-The update requires starting again. The changes are significant. It is recommended at the beginning, to have interactive zones activated in the configuration menu.

-User consoles and PC with remote. To select the new content, move the cursor with the joystic up. Down is not selected.


-In particular to you three, to all those who write to me in the mail and to the people of the forum.

New content or improvements in the next update.





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