Osina Map v1.0.2

Welcome to Osina Wielka. The map is located in Poland in the Lower Silesian Voivodship.

She offers:

-Two farms (pigs / cows)

-Biogas plant

-56 fields, including 4 meadows

-8 sell points


-Shop of agricultural machinery

-Diversified terrain from real life


-Missions on the fields

-New textures of crops, soils, etc.

-Animated gates

-Land purchased

And a lot more... Changelog:

-The map is now ready for Seasons with some improvements

-terrain angle added

-Added traffic and pedestrians

-Changed some plant and cereal textures

-Grass now grows on grass paintable land

-Improved, better quality PDA

-Improved straw trigger in a cow barn

-TipColl has been improved in one of the halls on the pigfarm

-A chicken farm has been added, which you can place on your map

-Some other minor fixes Changelog:

-Improved clipDistance of several objects

-Improved collision of the machine shop

-Small texture patches

-Reduced oat density

I hope you will like the map.




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