Hunt Family Farms v2.0

I grew up on the same farm for 24 years(im 24) my great grandpas farm had the equipment storage and my grandpas farm had the grain bins for crop storage. this is everything from memory. you must star in the new farmer mode. mercer landmark is where you sell your grain. the house across from second farm/equipment storage is the cotton and wool sell point. i been holding off on releasing this but its time to share the map with you. i ask that you please respect the work that went into making this map. its a google earth based map. there are errors in the map but nun tht will affect the game play. if any questions message Hunt Gaming/Productions on facebook  enjoy this.


Hunt Gaming/Productions,FarmStar Gaming and nefg for the crop textures



  • FarmWrangler (Guest)

    2020-09-25 22:38:58

    B.O.B. Flyover - Hunt Family Farms - Farming Simulator 19 -

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