Glusiowo Poprawka v1.0

Hi, I present to you the map Glusiowo has:

1 farm

25 fields (23 fields with missions)

I bought lands (I raised the price a bit a bit so that they wouldn't get bored so quickly)

3 cereal purchase (separate for potatoes and beets)

1 purchase for rapeseed alone (the price is higher in this purchase by +/- $ 300)



Animal dealer

Bale sales

The map has good optimization (On my equipment full settings and 60 fps fixed shaders with full machine economy)

The log is clean. All errora files were removed on a regular basis

The farm with cows is for 15 pieces, I think that's enough for such a map

I tested the map and did not detect any error (It is different if one person tests several)

This is my first map made for FS19. Also, please, without much hate


I added chickens

I changed the cows in that cow walking in the yard

I added the bin silo, as soon as you enter the game, it will be available soon

I changed the location of the corn silo

I corrected the mistakes you sent me on FB




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