Brook at the Baltic Sea v2.0

Welcome to Brook. The small place directly on the Baltic Sea is surrounded by gigantic fields and meadows.

Right in the middle there lies the biocompany of Brook.

The map is a 1:1 replica of the real vilage and landscape.

There is a prepared area for placeable buildings for the construction-friendly players among you.


- the problem that occurred during swathing has been fixed

- more ground angles added

- new area in the south-west of the map added

- BGA was revised

- added accessible houses

- Points of sale have been revised

- Partial revision of the main courtyard

- Revision of nature (grass, trees, bushes, etc. )

- Court 2 was moved

Required Mods:

- Composite Machine Sheds (By: VertexDezign)

- Large Grain Storages (By: VertexDezign)




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