FS19 Stepa FHL13 - flatbed

Useful crane trailer for loading pallets, general cargo and bales.


The STEPA FHL13 platform is the all-rounder for small to large yards.

Thanks to the CRANE ASSEMBLY, pallets, general cargo and bales can be loaded quickly and easily.

Thanks to the add-on Ramps, it can also be used as a low loader for smaller vehicles and machines.


- Adapted crane structure with pallet / bale tongs

- attachable ramps / use as low loader possible (extend and retract with button X)

- hydraulic level control on both axes (for a safe stand on uneven terrain)

- Side flaps can be opened and closed using the mouse control (thus loading by forklift or front loader possible)

- Lashing straps ensure that the load is held securely

- Large color palette for crane color, platform color and rim color installed (a total of 6,889 color combinations are possible. There should be something for everyone)

The mod can of course be used in SINGLE- & MULTIPLAYER.

The log is clean.

We hope you enjoy it !!

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Barn Brothers / Giants Software


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