Roller RDC 3450 v1.0

Roller D

The roller compactor is used to break clods left over from the railing and to superficially compact the soil already planted, as in the cultivation of irrigated rice, soybeans and beans.

It also serves in the formation of pastures to cover the seed, bringing moisture to the soil and promoting an excellent germination of the same.

It can also be used before planting. When rolling, it retains soil moisture and improves planter performance.

-Required power: 20 HP

-Price: 2000 €

-Working width : 1.50 meters

-Function: Fertilizer

Roller E

-Required power: 20 HP

-Price: 1000 €

-Working width : 1.50 meters

-Function: Fertilizer


Holzs FS


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