FS19 SaveGame Editor v1.0

FS19 SaveGame Editor First version

Various new features and functions added.

For a detailed description, see Mod Description!

# Chicken stock (male / female),

# Sheep stock (male / female),

Water, hay, grass

# Cow stock (male / female),

Water, hay (field / cowshed), grass (field / cowshed),

Fodder (field / cowshed), silage (field / cowshed), straw, milk

# Swine stock (male / female),

Water, sugar beet, potato, straw, wheat,

Barley, soybeans, rape, sunflower, maize

# Fermentation residues (BGA)

# Wash all vehicles!

With this external program, game scales are changed in the Farm Simulator 2019!

One values? Can be changed:

# 1 Money, credit,

# 2 Wheat, barley, rape, corn, soybeans, sunflowers

# 3 Chicken stock (male / female), eggs

# 4 Sheep stock (male / female), water, hay, grass

# 5 Cow stock (male / female), water, hay (field / cow shed), power feed (field / cow shed), silage (field / cow shed), straw, milk

# 6 pigstock (male / female), water, sugar beet,

Potato, straw, wheat, barley, soybeans, rape, sunflower, maize

# 7 liquid manure (cows), liquid manure (pigs), digestate (BGA)

# 8 Wash all vehicles!

And the program also provides some info …

# Manure, Savegameame, Playername, Memorydate, Map (Map)

Instructions for Farming Simulator 19 SavegameEditor:

1) Unzip the file with the right mouse button

2) Start “Farming Simulator 19 SavegameEditor.exe”

3) Left on top of “Load Score …” (English) or Load Savegamefolder .. (English) ”

Can be changed under Settings!

4) Select the desired savegame in “… \ Documents \ My Games \ FarmingSimulator2019”

5) Change values to your mood (Please note blue “infobuttons” in the program !!)

6) Bottomright “Save game data!

7) Start game and look forward to new wealth !!!

FS19 Savegame EDITOR


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