TRIBINE T1000 v1.0

Power: 478 kW / 650 HP;

Speed: 50 km / h;

Fuel tank capacity: 1893 l.;

Price: 650 000 €;

Hopper capacity: 120,000 l.;

Primary color selection;

Design color selection;

The choice of color rim;

Working lighting;

Animated display;

Leave trace.

Terra Flex Header:

Price: 92 000 €;

Working speed: 20 km / h;

Working width: 19.6 m.;

Choice of primary color.

Corn Cutter Reaper:

Price: 95 000 €;

Working speed: 20 km / h;

Working width: 18.1 m.;

Primary color selection;

Choice of design color.

Archive to unpack!





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