2019 Ram 3500 v1.0

I present my 2019 RAM 3500.

(yes it's 2019 not 2020)

Things to note*  

- Speedometer is in/favors kmph, I won't be changing this

- Has a canadian license plate, I won't be changing this

- Brakes are realistic. I won't be changing this

- Does not have interior lights, I will try to do this in a future update

- I'm a one-man team, and I have a life outside of modding so it may be a while until I update

- Model i received did not have correct interior, so it is misaligned in some spots

- I did the wipers early in the build, and I haven't touched them since, but i remember they were a little dickered so beware

Mod Features:  

- Flippable tow mirrors

- Working tailgate

- Automated steps

- Adjustable lift height

 - Movable sunroof

- Movable driver door

- Movable sun visor

- 3 Wheel options

- Color changeable bumper and grill

- Custom sounds by me

- Snow plow mount

Be considerate

Requests are ignored, learn how to edit yourself :)

Glaring issues will be addressed ASAP



Noah Rohner/ Swiggiti


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