Better graphics FS19 - Shadermod v2.0

Hallo everyone,

Full version message should no longer appear.

here I am offering my graphics Mod once again, some may still know it from the last FS, but Giants again used some strange Shader settings, so because of several requests I made the mod ready for FS19.

-the Mod is based on Reshade and is completed by some Scripts written by me
-unrealistic, grey filter removed
-bluring and resharping pixels
-contrast fixed
-MP usable !

Only works if game is installed at the original path. If not, you have to put the files in your path and open up the menu ingame using Shift+F2 and modify them.
Normal Version:
- Download the file (OHNE STEAM) and unzip it
- Take the unzip files (opengl32.dll, …) and put it in:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Farming Simulator 2019\x64
Steam Version:
- Download the file (MIT STEAM) and unzip it
- Take the unzip files (opengl32.dll, …) and put it in:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Farming Simulator 19\x64

-Just hit the Scroll-Lock button ingame and you are good to go!
-Using Shift+F2 you get into the mod menu

I appreciate positiv feedback and if you have questions I will be at your disposal!
The Mod can be shared using the original download-link, if not done so, there may be legal consequences!!!
- Just delete the files!

Script und preset: GermanWarrior



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